Only 90’s Kids Will Know These Gadgets


Time flies and it is pretty hard to keep track of how old things are getting. These following gadgets have all turned two decades old and it is quite doubtful that a lot of people know about these since these were gadgets produced and sold in the ’90s. Them good old days!

Bop It- The “fast talking, electronic” 1996 Hasbro game advised players to “bop it, bend it, pull it, pass it” in it’s fair themed ad.

The Nintendo Game Boy- This was a household name back in the ’90 when it was launched and gained extreme popularity due to its ergonomics and good games it had in that era. Hard to believe the Game Boy has already turned thirty years old!

TiVo- The very first TiVo DVR was released in the year 1999. Now that’s a long time ago!

USB Flash Drive- Here’s one gadget which is still widely in use today. The USB flash drive got its patent in the year 1999.

The standard CD- CDs are slowly starting to fall out of trend. Still, they are widely available. CDs were first released in the year 1983 in Japan.


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