Soth Korean Employees Using Spy Gadgets To Ward Off Bullies In Workplaces


When we think about bullying, the images which are usually conjured in our minds are of children or teenagers getting bullied in schools or colleges. Not many of us realize that bullying is a reality in workplaces as well.

The workers of South Korea are fed with the tormenting which is progressively encouraged by another harder work law to subtly record asserted maltreatment or provocation by their managers, boosting offers of innovative sound and video gadgets.

Contraptions masked as cowhide belts, eyeglasses, pens and USB sticks are altogether demonstrating well known with representatives in a nation where injurious conduct by individuals in power is to be found all over the place

Auto Jungbo Co’s offers of voice recorders so far this year have multiplied to 80 gadgets for every day, Jang said as he figures deals to likewise twofold this schedule year to 1.4 billion won. Jang, whose firm is one of around 20 the nation over selling the gadgets, said other well-known gadgets included electronic vehicle keys and cigarette lighters.

The work service that 572 representatives had utilized the new law to record grievances against their working environment by August 29, averaging just about 18 cases enrolled every day.


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