Huawei Bashed Again By US President Donald Trump And Vice President Mike Pence


Ever since Huawei got banned from using Google’s products due to security concerns, Huawei has been continually bashed by U.S President, Donald Trump and now joined by Vice President Mike Pence.

Citing reasons that the manufacturer of the Chinese gadget Huawei is a national security threat, President Donald Trump said on September 4th that he is disregarding Huawei under the business plans of the ongoing trade negotiations with China.

He was reacting to inquiries on the Chinese mechanical mammoth, which nearly hoards in 5G innovation, that has not been restricted from significant pieces of the US.

VP Mike Pence said in Iceland, where he is as of now voyaging, that he is supported that Iceland has perceived the significant issues that emerge from any free country, grasping the innovation and gear of Huawei.

He asked Iceland to join the US in approaching countries over this union to dismiss Huawei innovation. The United States is taking a solid remain on free and reasonable and equal exchange with China, he said.


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