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Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Photo In Her 'Birthday Suit' To Celebrate Birthday On Instagram

Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated her birthday in the exact way she was born — wearing her birthday suit.

In an Instagram photo on Sunday, the Goop founder and actress posed in her natural form underneath a magnificent tree.

The caption wrote, "In nothing but my birthday suit today. "Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes and thank you to @goop's insanely amazing brand new body butter for making me think I can still get my kit off."

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Her 16-year-old daughter, Apple, posted her reaction in the comments, writing "MOM" in capital letters. Paltrow reacted by posting three laughing emojis as a reply to her daughter.

Apple wrote another comment, with the words: "You are killing it tho."

Vanessa Hudgens reacted with the word, "Wow."

Photo Credit: Google

Photo Credit: Google

Her friend and "Friends" star, Courteney Cox showered with praise; she wrote "Happy Birthday! What a beautiful girl you are and inspiring in so many ways."

Naomi Campbell, a model, wrote, "Happy Birthday @gwynethpaltrow, you got it!! Flaunt it."

Hours before posting the photo, Paltrow made a joke about being in her birthday suit. She shared an Instagram video which said that the "best place to be naked" was close to Brad Falchuk, her husband.

On his Instagram page, Falchuk wrote sweet words with a photo of Paltrow in repose.

In his words: "This (supportive expletive) is 48 today," he wrote. "She makes friends feel like family and family feel like friends. Trust me; she's the best. Happy, happy, happy birthday, Beauty. I love you."

Sources: USA Today

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