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Kim Kardashian Posts ‘Thirst Trap’ Of Revealing Dress On Instagram

Self-proclaimed selfie queen, Kim Kardashian, is known for her jaw dropping ensembles, and her latest pic is no different. She told her fans that the new thirst trap pic was “not for you to understand.”

The statement was vague, but the question remains - how did her almost nonexistent dress manage to stay on?

The cut-out beige outfit on the star’s Instagram page seemed to defy gravity, seemingly held together at the front by what can only be called tinsel that definitely seems unable hold an entire dress together.

Kim pulled off the risky outfit without any apparent wardrobe malfunctions.

The outfit raised more questions than it answered, leading us to believe that the dress is being held up by signature curves, especially if it was custom tailored for them.

The strings that tie the dress together, especially the one around her neck, are so thin there has to be tape is involved, or maybe suction cups?

Kim’s outfits have grown more outrageous over the years, and she seems to revel in the shock and awe she elicits from fans. Fans attribute her new athleisure outfits to her equally daring soon-to-be ex-husband Kanye West.

The couple’s divorce is still pending, with the entire family keeping the details under wraps.

The Kardashians have kept their content flowing, sharing numerous vacation pics that suggest the divorce may not be as dramatic as the attention surrounding it.

Sources: Cinema Blend

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