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Lowe's Worker 'Forced' To Change Out Of His 'Offensive' T-Shirt After Customer Complained

A teenage employee at a Lowe’s in Washington, revealed that he had been forced to remove his shirt after a customer complained that it was racist.


New Poll Matches Biden Against Trump In 2024

In the hypothetical election, Trump leads with huge margins among evangelical and rural Iowans.


California School District Allegedly 'Requiring' Teachers To Attend 'White Privilege' Training

“The training begins with a ‘land acknowledgement,’ in which the teachers are asked to accept that they are colonizers living on stolen Native American land.


10-Year-Old Refuses To Stand For Pledge At School, School Officials Respond Accordingly

She says it is because she is offended by the portion of the Star Spangled Banner that references slaves, and as such, will not stand for the national anthem or the pledge of allegiance.


Woman Sees ‘Offensive’ Flag On Contractor’s Car When He Pulls Up, Fires Him On The Spot

When Allison and Zeke Brown saw their contractor’s car, they were visibly shocked.


Photo Emerges Allegedly Showing Bill Clinton Being Given 'Massage' By Jeffrey Epstein Victim

Former president Bill Clinton is seen grinning with pleasure while receiving an intimate neck massage from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims.


Texas Burger Restaurant Faces Backlash Over 'Controversial' Sign

However, the owner of Chester's Hamburger's, a longtime San Antonio chain, revealed that the marquee did belong to the restaurant, and that he meant what it said.