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Halle Berry Claims Child Support Payments To Her Ex Is ‘Extortion’

Berry made headlines on Sunday after she posted a picture that read:


Elizabeth Hurley Turns Heads With Rainbow Bikini Photo On Instagram

Her latest post shows her posing underneath a perfectly arched rainbow in a two-piece Hasini Bikini, named after her BFF.


Influencer Demi Rose Shares ‘Sultry’ Photos During Trip In Tanzania

Rose was clad in a tiny black one-piece bikini with strategically placed slits, and accessorized with oversized black boots.


Video Captures Hilarious Moment Mom Walks In On Teens Twerking

A furious mother created an inadvertent hilarious moment after she walked in on her two girls twerking on camera.


Fans Claim Owen Wilson Is 'Unrecognizable' In Movie Trailer

Owen Wilson’s blond locks are infamous, but in a new Disney+ trailer, the veteran actor is seriously rocking a new Silver Fox look.


Influencer Turns Heads After Posting Photo With Elephant In Bali

22-year-old Russian influencer, was slammed on social media after posting a video posing on top of an endangered elephant, naked.


Instagram Model Turns Heads After Posting Photo In 'Revealing' Bikini

While many did agree that she looked good in the hot pink bikini, some were shocked by how small it was.


Influencer Humiliated After Being Told To 'Cover Up' Her Outfit On Flight

Isabelle Eleanore, an Instagram and OnlyFans model, stated that she felt humiliated after a Jetstar flight attendant asked


Arby's Apologizes, Removes 'Insensitive' Sign After Customer Complains It Made Her ‘Uncomfortable’

An Arby’s branch in Elk River, Minnesota is facing controversy and backlash after posting a sign demanding little children to be well-behaved, or else they will be asked to leave.


Barack Obama's Daughter Stirs Controversy Online Over Appearance In 'Vulgar' TikTok Video

Sasha - front and center in the video – had on a low-cut sheer black blouse, chunky gold necklaces, and long white nails as she danced.


Cop Gets Fired After Sharing 'Controversial' Post On Facebook

The department stated that Myrick had violated the department’s code of ethics and internet usage directives


Mother 'Shamed' By Patrons At Disneyland For Breastfeeding, Husband Snaps Photo

Brittni Medina decided to share her experience after she was shamed for breastfeeding her 10-month-old son at Disneyland.


Greta Thunberg Responds After 'Graphic' Sticker Of Her Emerges Online

Social media users expressed outrage at a cartoon sticker which showed a young girl being pulled by her pigtails from behind...


Actor Faces Backlash Over 'Insensitive' Tweet About Transgender People

Actor John Cleese was slammed on social media on Sunday after her tweeted that he is "not that interested" in the issues affecting transgender


Influencer Claims Employers 'Discriminate' Her For Being 'Too Attractive'

Newly crowned Miss Universe Australia and Melbourne fashion blogger, claims that she’s often discriminated against because of her good looks and perfect makeup.


TikTok Influencer Loses 1 Million Followers In A Day Over 'Rude' Behavior In New Video

Dixie were slammed for their appalling table manners and being rude to their personal chef in a new video.


College Football Coach Takes $1M Pay Cut After Backlash For Wearing 'Controversial' Shirt

This came a day after Holder released a statement announcing that the internal review found “no sign or indication of racism” in the program.