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Barack Obama's Daughter Stirs Controversy Online Over Appearance In 'Vulgar' TikTok Video

Photo Credit: New York Post

Photo Credit: New York Post

Note: we are republishing this story amid record high levels of political division in America. According to Pew surveys, the US ranks among the highest in the world according to how many people feel more divided than before the pandemic. More on this here:

In a new TikTok video, 19-year-old Sasha Obama is seen lip syncing to Popp Hunna's Adderall (Corvette Corvette) song while performing a choreographed dance routine with a few friends.

Sasha - front and center in the video – had on a low-cut sheer black blouse, chunky gold necklaces, and long white nails as she danced.

The video was originally uploaded by @pixiestick222, but has since been deleted.

Sasha, who doesn’t seem to have a public TikTok account, was joined by six friends as they sang 15 seconds of the profanity filled song, including the word “b***h.”

Photo Credit: New York Post

Photo Credit: New York Post

The video was reposted several times on Twitter, sparking a slew of comments with some slamming Sasha for the vulgarity of the song.

Others were more concerned by the lack of face masks or social distancing in the video, although it is still unclear whether the video was shot during the pandemic or sometime before the outbreak.

The song Adderall went viral on TikTok in October, making it likely that the video was recorded sometime around then.

Some focused on Sasha’s choice of friends, with one person asking, “Sasha Obama has only white friends?”

Despite the criticisms, many were quick to defend the teenager, with some hailing her for “living her best life” and encouraging her to “ignore her haters.”

Photo Credit: New York Post

Photo Credit: New York Post

“It seems like she's a beautiful young woman who has friends who love her for just being herself,” one person wrote, while another commented: “People are coming after Sasha Obama because she has several white friends? What? WHAT. People you need to put your energy elsewhere.”

Another person pointed out how much Sasha resembles her mother: “Sasha Obama is beautiful, just like her mom.”

This video comes less than six weeks after Sasha caused a stir on social media for lip syncing Moneybagg Yo's song “Said Sum,” which features the rap duo City Girls.

The post was quickly deleted after @Cakethatsmg originally posted it, but it was reposted on Twitter various times.

The video was viewed millions of times, and one person commented: “I’m so disappointed if Obama can’t stop his daughter from being influenced by the city girls, then it really ain’t no hope for the future of black women.”

“I can’t believe she thinks rapping to those lyrics is acceptable. The future of black women is doomed,” another person wrote.

Some referred to TV host Wendy Williams criticizing the video, and one person wrote: “Wendy Williams taking about Sasha Obama on TikTok. She’s 19! Let her live omg.”

Many came to Sasha’s defense, highlighting that she was just a teenager who was enjoying her life and indulging in the same activities as her age mates.

Photo Credit: New York Post

Photo Credit: New York Post

“Seeing that video of Sasha Obama on tiktok rappin City Girls just really warmed my heart,” one person wrote.

Another comment read: “Sasha Obama would be famous even if her dad wasn't Barack. We honor her always.”

Someone else wrote: “Sasha Obama is 19 dancing around making Tiktoks and singing them dirty rap songs. Do you know what I was doing at 19? Ecstasy. Like 5 times a week. And smoking maritheejuana... and drinking Puckers and Wild f*****g Turkey all the time. She is doing just fine.”

“Sasha Obama a whole college student and her pops ain’t been in office in 4 years. She should be able to post on social media whatever she want to be honest. This don’t hurt nobody,” another person commented. 

Sources: Daily Mail

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