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Greta Thunberg Responds After 'Graphic' Sticker Of Her Emerges Online

Photo Credit: Crux

Photo Credit: Crux

Note: we are republishing this story amid record high levels of political division in America. According to Pew surveys, the US ranks among the highest in the world according to how many people feel more divided than before the pandemic. More on this here:

Social media users expressed outrage at a cartoon sticker which showed a young girl being pulled by her pigtails from behind in a seemingly sexual manner. The word “Greta” was written across the girl’s back, and at the bottom of the sticker was the logo for X-Site Energy Services.

This depiction of sexual assault on Greta, a minor, led to the Canadian oil company being called out by netizens.

In response to the image, 17-year-old Greta wrote: “They are starting to get more and more desperate… This shows that we’re winning.”

X-Site’s general manager Doug Sparrow denied that the company had anything to do with the sticker. He said, “It’s not from X-Site or any employee; someone has done this. That’s all I know.”

Photo Credit: Crux

Photo Credit: Crux

The company’s website was taken down on Sunday, but was restored, featuring an apology for the offensive sticker.

The website featured the company’s statement: “We recognize that it is not enough to apologize for the image associated with our company logo on the decals that circulated last week. This does not reflect the values of this company or our employees, and we deeply regret the pain we may have caused.”

The statement maintained that the company was “taking action to condemn this image and its publication” and was committed to “recovering and destroying the decals we distributed.”

The statement continued: “Management accepts full responsibility and effective immediately, has made organizational changes to reflect this,” but “other parties” have also produced the images and attached the company’s logo.

“We ask for everyone’s help in taking them and the original decal out of circulation and hope people will stop republishing these images,” the company wrote.

The statement concluded by maintaining that the company was committed to “maintaining a safe and respectful workplace” and that it would train all staff on respect in the workplace. “We are proud of our team and the innovative services we provide the oil and gas industry. We have let our employees, our families and our customers down with this careless action, but as we are committed to help reduce our industry’s environmental footprint, we are committed to learn from and correct our mistake.”

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Alberta launched an investigation into the circulation of the sticker, but concluded that no “criminal offence” had been committed because the sticker “does not meet the elements of child pornography … nor does the decal depict a non-consensual act that would be a direct threat to the person.”

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