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Anchorwoman Gets Arrested For DUI, Claims It Was Racially Motivated

Photo Credit: WPBF, Google

Photo Credit: WPBF, Google

Note: we are republishing this story amid an ongoing nationwide conversation about race and racial justice in America.

FLORIDA — West Palm Beach's Channel 25 Anchorwoman Farron Salley was arrested for driving under the influence. On the footage obtained exclusively by, Salley could be seen mocking the officers and accusing them of arresting her because of her race.

After taking a two-month leave, the 28-year-old anchorwoman was welcomed back to her morning and weekend shift at Channel 25. Salley wrote a statement regarding the incident, apologizing for her behavior towards the Palm Beach Gardens’ police officers.

Despite the hour-long bodycam footage showing Salley slurring her speech and attempting to provoke the white officers with accusations of racism, the anchorwoman maintained her innocence. The Palm Beach County State Attorney said there was only enough evidence to arrest Salley — not enough to convict her.

"The law doesn't work for people who look like me, but that's OK," Salley told Officer Cameron Carver. When she was asked to take field sobriety tests, she told her fiancée Colleen: "Watch out, they may shoot you even though you're not black!"

Officer Carver responded saying, "That's a racist comment," to which she confidently replied: "Yes, it was." After failing the field sobriety tests, she was arrested and handcuffed. She then started crying and tried to take back her comments.

"I'm a cocky son of a gun, but I can't help it. I'm from Texas. My granddad was a cowboy, I'm sorry I've got pride on my shoulders."

After the incident, she issued a statement saying:

"I'd like to make it clear that I am innocent of this. A fair investigation led to all charges against me being dropped. I thank the men and women working hard to protect us all on the road. I regret my behavior and not showing them the respect they deserved the night I was pulled over."

"My character is my reputation. Upholding my values includes speaking genuinely from the heart. That's why I want to share with you how much I've missed being here and I don't ever want to take that opportunity for granted," she added.

Sources: Daily Mail

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