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Online Retailer Fashion Nova Raises Eyebrows With New Range Of Children’s Clothes

Online fashion retailer Fashion Nova’s new range of children's clothes has been slammed, with critics calling the outfits “too grown up” for their intended demographic.

Fashion Nova unveiled the new collection with promotional images which showed young girls wearing high heels, crop tops and evening dresses.

These pieces have been designed to match the adult versions being sold on the site.

Twitter users slammed Fashion Nova, with many stating that it was “inappropriate” to make the designs for children and use young girls “dressed like adults” to promote them.

The naming of the clothes was also a point of contention, like the $22.99 top named “Feeling Way Too Much” and the $27.99 pant named “Pulling Me Closer.”

US Twitter user @Snow_Blacck shared screenshots of a number of the outfits, including a short skirt with matching crop top and tiny sunkini set, and captioned it: “NO FASHION NOVA. HELL NO. If you think these outfits are okay for little girls you’re wild. These outfits are way too grown and inappropriate. These are not clothes for kids. These are grown club and brunch outfits. Stop it. Honesty where are y’all going with these outfits on? And heels? F***k no.”

Photo Credit: Twitter/Sixxizluv79

Photo Credit: Twitter/Sixxizluv79

Both of these products seem to have been taken down from the site.

The catalog of children’s clothing included biker short sets and dresses with see-through tulle skirts. It became evident that some of clothes' names were lifted from the adult clothes, with many of them listed at the same price.

One person commented: “Nah, I get that they're trying to match the adults outfits with mini outfits but having a kid in a two piece set and calling it 'romantic escape' is just disgusting.”

Many commenters agreed that outfits were inappropriate and maintained that clothing companies and parents needed to “let kids be kids.”

Photo Credit: Twitter/LivReality

Photo Credit: Twitter/LivReality

However, some people maintained that they saw nothing wrong with the outfits.

A number of people stated that they had found “plenty of appropriate outfits” on sale on the site, including sweatshirts and T-shirts.

Fashion Nova declined to comment on the controversial matter.

Sources: Daily Mail

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