Glenn Beck: 'No Real Christian' Should Support Trump

Glenn Beck Speaks At CPAC 2016

Popular conservative radio host Glenn Beck has come out in opposition to Republican presidential candidate and front-runner Donald Trump. Beck has stated that "no real Christian" should vote for the candidate.

“No Christian, no real Christian -- I don’t mean a judgmental Christian, I mean somebody who is living their faith -- no real Christian says, ‘I want that guy, that guy is the guy … for me,'” Beck said on his radio show, reports the International Business Times. “Nobody, nobody,” he added.

Beck was responding to Robert Jeffress, the pastor of a large church in Dallas, who criticized Beck for telling Christians not to support Trump.

“Beck’s wacko comment speaks for itself,” Jeffress told Breitbart News in an interview released March 23. “However, by using the phrase ‘their God’ to refer to the God we evangelical Christians worship, Beck is finally admitting that the true God of the Bible is different than the god of the Book of Mormon. I congratulate Beck for his honesty in differentiating between the two,” Jeffress continued. Glenn Beck is a Mormon, a distinction Jeffress used in disqualifying Beck’s comments.

Beck stood by his message as he addressed the issue on his March 25 broadcast, and further stated he would criticize any person of faith who supports Trump.

“I’ll take on the Jews, and I’ll take on the Lutherans, and I’ll take on the Catholics, and I’ll take on the Mormons,” Beck said. “I’ll take them all on. You’re damn right. Where are you? You’re not living your principles [by supporting Donald Trump],” Beck added.

Beck is a vocal supporter of Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and has helped the Cruz campaign win over evangelical supporters.

“We are a Christian nation -- Are we really?” Beck asked on his broadcast. “Then why are we in so much trouble? Why do we have the same kind of problems that non-Christian nations do with pornography and drugs and everything else? We should be setting an example if we’re actually living our Christian faith. The problem is we all say we’re living our Christian faith [and] we’re not living our Christian faith.”

Source: International Business Times, Breitbart News / Photo credit: Glenn Beck/Instagram

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