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Private Security Guard Pulls Gun On Uniformed Officer For Not Disarming Inside IRS Office

The security guard who pulled a gun on a sheriff’s deputy at a local IRS office pleaded not guilty to one charge of aggravated menacing


Woman Convicted Of Killing Her Children By Setting Her Home On Fire Released From Prison

Almost a decade since an arson review panel concluded that the fire had probably been started accidentally


Man Will Not Go To Prison After Holding Teen Girl Captive In Dog Cage

Michael Wysolovski of Duluth, who kept a teenage girl in sexual captivity for over a year, will not serve time in prison for his crimes.


Teacher Grabs 'Unruly' Teen, Carries Him Out Of Classroom - Parents Press Charges

47-year-old Jeffrey Paffumi was arrested following the incident at Buddy Taylor Middle School, Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said.


Cop's 'Violent Arrest' Of Unruly Student Who Tried To Flee Sparks Controversy

The video sparked backlash against the police department, with some community members calling for the officer’s dismissal.


Grandpa Opens Fire On Armed Criminals During Home Invasion - His Granddaughter Orchestrated The Whole Heist

Among those arrested was the homeowner’s granddaughter, the orchestrator of the crime.


Dad And Son Charged With 216 Counts Of Incest, Pay The Price

A father and son in West Virginia has been charged with over 216 counts of incest, sexual assault and sexual abuse that involved two young girls in the same family.


Homeowner Shoots Three Teens Who Shot At Him During Attempted Robbery, Family Demand Answers

A Rockdale County coroner has identified the three teenagers fatally shot during an alleged attempted robbery.