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Couple Opens Wedding Gift Aunt Told Them Not To Open After Waiting 9 Years

Kathy took to Facebook to explain why they waited so long to open the gift.


Dolly Parton Turns Heads With Her 'Vaccine Outfit’

Parton was dressed in a long sleeved cold-shoulder top that left her upper arms perfectly exposed for the shot.


Michelle Obama Responds After Late Night Host Asks About Her and Barack’s Sex Life

Episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! saw Kimmel revive his single most annoying obsession


Dentists Warn Against Dangerous New Influencer Trend On Social Media

Lack of knowledge about the differences between these procedures may be leading to irreparable damage


51-Year-Old Gives Birth to Her Own Granddaughter

Julie Loving gave birth to her own granddaughter after agreeing to serve as her daughter’s surrogate.


History's Only All-Girl Sextuplets Were Born In 1983, Here's How They All Look Now

Raising one kid requires great patience, and having six at once is almost unimaginable.