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Student Refuses To Answer 'Offensive' Question On Math Homework, Receives Praise On Social Media

A 10 year old girl from Utah, refused to answer her Math test question after deeming it as “offensive” and “rude”, and had written her explanation to her teacher.


Restaurant In Hot Water Over 'Controversial' Sticker, Owner Refuses To Apologize

A restaurant called Gross’ burgers located in Danville is receiving thousands of negative comments on social media due to a bumper sticker


Woman Puts Up Sign Threatening Dog Owners Who Leave Feces On Her Lawn

In Los Angeles, a woman put up a sign threatening to poop on the doorstep and windshield of the next dog owner who doesn’t pick up their pet’s poop.


They've Won $288 Million From The Lottery But The State Won’t Pay Them

Winning the lottery has been the dream for many, and in Illinois, lottery winners are hitting the jackpot.


Restaurant Faces Backlash, Threats Of Boycott After Refusing Man Service Over His Sneakers

They were then denied service and asked to leave the premises.


7-Year-Old Boy Rescues Baby Sister From Burning Home

A family living in New Tazewell is grateful to be alive and safe following a fire that completely destroyed their home


Teen Violates School Dress Code For Wearing Shirt Celebrating That He Survived Cancer

16-year-old Tyler Powers, who recently battled cancer twice, was cited for violating the school’s dress code by wearing a Relay for Life "survivor" T-shirt.


Girl's Homework Assignment Upsets Parents For Reinforcing 'Gender Stereotypes'

One parent took to social media to point out a very disturbing assignment his daughter brought home.


School Issues Guide That Advises Against Using Words Like 'Mom,' 'Dad,' And 'Parents'

A New York City school sent out guides to its students and their guardians, encouraging them to alter their language


Online Retailer Fashion Nova Raises Eyebrows With New Range Of Children’s Clothes

Fashion Nova unveiled the new collection with promotional images which showed young girls wearing high heels, crop tops and evening dresses.


California Starbucks Workers Allegedly Denied Officers Service, Sheriff Says They 'Laughed' At Them

According to the Riverside County Sherriff, the two officers were denied service by the two employees on duty.


Teen Says She Was Denied Entry To School Dance Because Her Outfit 'Violated’ Conservative Dress Code

Darcy and her mother did shop for a dress, but wasn’t able to find one that she liked, which made her choose a jumpsuit instead.


Simon Cowell Turns Heads For Criticizing Contestant's Outfit On X Factor

The X Factor: The Band is a miniseries that underwent some changes after Megan McKenna won the Celebrity series.


Mother Claims Her 3 Sons Were Kicked Out Of School Because Of Her OnlyFans Account

She stated that she and her husband Chris were given a notice that their kids, aged eight, 10 and 12, were not welcome at Sacramento’s Sacred Heart Parish School.


Armed Robbers Try Breaking Into Home, CCTV Video Shows Them Beg Neighbor To Call Police

According to police, the three tried to break into the home when the 17-year-old resident opened fire.


7-Year-Old Girl Claims Teacher Cut Her Hair At School Without Parents’ Permission

The father of a seven-year-old girl in Michigan has garnered attention after he stated that his daughter’s hair was cut twice in school without his permission.


Texas Burger Restaurant Faces Backlash Over 'Controversial' Sign

However, the owner of Chester's Hamburger's, a longtime San Antonio chain, revealed that the marquee did belong to the restaurant, and that he meant what it said.


Family Says Cemetery Removed Their Son's Headstone Because It Was Deemed 'Offensive'

A grieving family has called out a cemetery for removing their beloved’s gravestone after deeming it “offensive.”


Server Responds After Customer ‘Offended' By Her Appearance Requested Another Waitress

A Tennessee waitress is receiving a lot of support after she claims a customer rejected her because of the way she looks.


Anchorwoman Gets Arrested For DUI, Claims It Was Racially Motivated

Despite the hour-long bodycam footage showing Salley slurring her speech and...


Army Veteran Kicked Out Of Zoo After Refusing To Remove 'Offensive' Sweatshirt

The black sweatshirt featured a sexual innuendo, reading, "Just the tip, I promise," and had an image of a bullet featured on it.


Local Community Demands Restaurant Change Its 'Offensive' Name, Owner Stands Their Ground

Many people on social media were quick to condemn the letter’s message.


DMV Demands Woman Give Back Her Custom License Plate, Claims It’s Inappropriate

The Department of Motor Vehicles demanded a New Hampshire woman to surrender her 15-year old vanity license plate that said...


Hobby Lobby Faces Calls For Boycott Over 'Controversial' Display In One Of Their Stores

Calls for consumers to boycott Holly Lobby began on Sunday after a Twitter photo went viral.


19 Families Buy Almost 97 Acres To Create 'Safe City' For People Of Color

The group stated its intention to create a new city on the land and call it “Freedom Georgia.”


Texas Restaurant Turns Heads Over Pandemic-Themed Signs

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, one Texas restaurant has resorted to posting hilarious signs documenting the daily struggles of living through the pandemic.


Judge Moves Constable Into New Office Space Away From 'Offensive' Sign After Backlash

“We came up with a solution that benefitted all, me him and the people of this county,” Polk stated.